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ARA Heating Magnetic Stirrer Multi 4-Position


- 4개 plate를 독립적으로 가열 및 교반 작업제어
- LCD 디스플레이에 실제 온도와 속도 표시
- PID 컨트롤러를 통해 최대 온도 340°C까지 정밀하고 안정적인 heating process 보장
- Brushless DC 모터가 강력한 속도 제어
- 외부 온도 센서(PT1000) 정확도 : ±0.2°C
- 과열 방지 온도 : 420℃
- 세라믹 코팅된 스테인리스 스틸 plate를 통해 화학적 내성 우수
- 다양한 액세서리 장착 가능 (Aluminum Color Pie & Alloy-Bead Heating Bath)

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Work plate dimensionΦ 135 mm (5 inch)Plate materialStainless steel w/ ceramic coating
Motor typeBrushless DC motorMotor rating input1.8 W×4
Power515 W×4Heating Power500 W×4
Voltage100-120V,60Hz; 200-240V,50 HzStirring positions4
Max. stirring capacity (H2O)3 L x 4Max. stirring quantity of single position (H2O)10L
Max. magnetic bar40 mmSpeed range200-1500 rpm
Speed displayLCDTemperature displayLCD
Control accuracy of sensor±20 rpmTemperature range25-340℃
Over temperature protection420°CTemperature display accuracy±0.1°C
External temp. sensorPT1000(Accuracy±0.2℃)IP Protection classIP21
Dimensions[WxDxH]698×270×128 mmWeight9.5 kg
Permissible ambient temperature5~40°CPermissible relative humidity80%RH


  • AD-18900512

    Cat. No. AD-18900512
    Description Aluminum alloy beads 1kg
  • AD-18900513

    Cat. No. AD-18900513
    Description 500ml aluminum alloy bead bath block, without beads
  • AD-18900514

    Cat. No. AD-18900514
    Description 1000ml aluminum alloy bead bath block, without beads
  • AD-18900516

    Cat. No. AD-18900516
    Description 500ml aluminum alloy bead bath block, with 500ml beads (18900513 + 18900512)
  • AD-18900517

    Cat. No. AD-18900517
    Description 1000ml aluminum alloy bead bath block, with 1000ml beads
  • AD-18900002

    Cat. No. AD-18900002
    Description Red quarter pie, 11 holes,4 ml reaction vessel,Ø15.2mm,20mm depth
  • AD-18900003

    Cat. No. AD-18900003
    Description Purple quarter pie, 4 holes,20 ml reaction vessel,Ø28mm,24mm depth
  • AD-18900004

    Cat. No. AD-18900004
    Description Blue quarter pie, 4 holes, 30 ml reaction vessel,Ø28mm,30mm depth
  • AD-18900005

    Cat. No. AD-18900005
    Description Black quarter pie, 4 holes, 40 ml reaction vessel,Ø28mm,43mm depth
  • AD-18900048

    Cat. No. AD-18900048
    Description Green quarter pie,6 holes, 8ml reaction vessel,Ø17.8mm,26mm depth
  • AD-18900049

    Cat. No. AD-18900049
    Description Golden quarter pie,4 holes, 16ml reaction vessel,Ø21.6mm,31.7mm depth