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• Tabletop centrifugal concentrators with high space efficiency
• Compatible with a diaphragm pump (7 mbar) optimal for volatile chemical solvents
• Accommodates a wide range of sample containers: 0.5, 2.0, 15, 50 mL tubes and microplates
• Automatic control and digital reading of TIME, TEMP and VAC
• Efficient cold trapping by employing drip catcher kit with ice cold trap
• Effective concentration of nucleic acids or small volume of organic solvents

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
ModelHyperVAC-MAXMax. RPM2,000 rpm
Max. capacity: Fixed angle200 x 1.5/2.0 mL microtubesMax. capacity​: Swing-out4 loadings of MTP or DWP
Auto start / ​Stop of vacuumYesChamber heating temperature rangeR.T ~ 80℃
Vacuum pressure (mbar)1 ~ 1,013Operating time< 23 hr 59 min or continuous
Power requirement (Centrifuge, VA)700Power supply230 V, 50 Hz (AC 220-230 V, 50/60 Hz; 110 V optional)
Centrifuge dimension ​(W x D x H, mm)475 x 560 x 350Weight (kg)37 (without Rotor)
Cat. No.Hyper-VC2200 (Hyper-VC2200-110)  


  • GRV-m2.0-200

    Cat. No. GRV-m2.0-200
    Description Angle Rotor, GRV-m2.0-200
    Rotor Capacity 200 x 1.5/2.0ml
    Tube Capacity 1.5/2.0ml
    Rotor Hole Diameter 11.1
  • GRV-50-12

    Cat. No. GRV-50-12
    Description Angle Rotor, GRV-50-12 incl. 12 Sleeves, GLV-50 and GLV-c50
    Rotor Capacity 12 x 50 ml
    Tube Capacity 50 ml
    Rotor Hole Diameter 30.4
  • GRV-15-48

    Cat. No. GRV-15-48
    Description Angle Rotor, GRV-15-48 incl. 48 Sleeves, GLV-15
    Rotor Capacity 48 x 15ml, 15ml conical
    Tube Capacity MTP, DWP
    Rotor Hole Diameter 18
  • GRV-mw-4

    Cat. No. GRV-mw-4
    Description Swing-out Rotor, GRV-mw-4 for Four Microplates
    Rotor Capacity 4 loading
    Tube Capacity MTP, DWP
  • GRV-8-60

    Cat. No. GRV-8-60
    Description Angle rotor, GRV-8-60 incl. 60 sleeves
    Rotor Capacity 60 x 8 ml
    Tube Capacity 8 ml
    Rotor Hole Angle 50°
  • GRV-c15-24

    Cat. No. GRV-c15-24
    Description Angle rotor, GRV-c15-24 incl. 24 sleeves
    Rotor Capacity 24 x 15 ml
    Tube Capacity 15 ml conical
    Rotor Hole Angle 45°
  • GRV-30-24

    Cat. No. GRV-30-24
    Description Angle rotor, GRV-30-24 incl. 24 sleeves
    Rotor Capacity 24 x 30 ml
    Tube Capacity 30 ml
    Rotor Hole Angle 50°
  • GRV-c50-12

    Cat. No. GRV-c50-12
    Description Angle Rotor, GRV-c50-12 incl. 12 Sleeves
    Rotor Capacity 12 x 50 ml
    Tube Capacity 50 ml conical
    Rotor Hole Angle 45°
  • GRV-5-192

    Cat. No. GRV-5-192
    Description Angle rotor, GRV-5-192 incl. 192 sleeves
    Rotor Capacity 192 x 5 ml
    Tube Capacity 5 ml
    Rotor Hole Angle 55°



Download Size : 1.82MB


Download Size : 1.82MB